We are passionate about paper bags

GironaPaper, S.A. (formerly Paperera de Girona, SA) is a paper manipulates mill located in Sarria de Ter, near Girona. It is part of the LC Paper group, which produces products with this material since 1881, always with a strong focus on sustainability and excellence in manufacturing. GironaPaper currently has three different product lines (paper bags, rolls and reams), aimed at various sectors, with a special emphasis on catering and retail.

Large companies and multinationals rely on GironaPaper solutions because of its significant production capacity. Our client portfolio includes names like Inditex, Hacendado, Kiabi, Fnac, Pans & Company and 100 Montaditos, among others. Besides offering bag models on demand, GironaPaper has a broad portfolio of anonymous designs focused on various sectors, which can be purchased through our online store (only in Spain).

Our experience with world-renowned clients and our passion for handling every detail make GironaPaper the best partner for your business, whether it is in the hospitality industry (with our cornet, cilindrical and sandwich bags), the pharmaceutical industry or retail stores. We are looking forward to knowing your custom needs and providing a solution to them.

The LC Paper group

The origin of the LC Paper group dates back to 1880 when a frenchman named Jean Grelon and a merchant named Sebastian Rosal decided to build a paper mill on the banks of the Fluvià river. Building a continuous paper mill in Besalú was not an isolated fact, but the result of a movement that consisted in constructing paper mills with continuous machines in the Olot-Girona axis. This axis is still alive today and is the most important industrial hub of the surrounding region. The transformation of paper mills to solid factories was the most important exponent of the industrial revolution in the Girona region.

LC Paper's Besalu plant is today an European reference in the manufacture of tissue paper with the highest standards of sustainability, having in his possession ecological certifications such as Ecolabel, ISO 14000, FSC and PFSC and having won multiple awards related to its innovative manufacturing processes. This plant is complemented by the GironaPaper headquarters in Sarrià de Ter, dedicated to manufacturing paper bags with the same values as the parent company.

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Access our online store to buy our anonymous products (shipping only in Spain), or get in touch with us to request a quote for custom orders.